Tuesday, November 22, 2016

End of Month Update for November

By American Kabuki

Was feeling into the ALL yesterday, which Loie has been mentoring me in, and felt this emerging unbridled JOY.  Not sure what's about to happen but is going to be good!  Other's are feeling something is imminent.  Something seems to be in the air...

I went to Costco today to get a joint supplement for an aching knee tendon.  As I walked through the clothing section about a 30 meter square of overhead Osram metal halide lights went completely off and stayed off.   This particular Costco, seems to be in some kind of energy vortex or portal. Every time I have gone there something really unusual happens. The first trip the entire square mile lost electricity.  On another trip I saw a squadron of 4 Arcturian ships flying at low altitude, the clearest UFOs I have ever seen, and on a subsequent trip I saw another ship of the same type.

What an unusual day. People randomly stopping me and just smiling.  Little kids too.   Later I went to Home Depot, when I emerged, a guy in his 30's did the same thing thing gave me this great big smile and started gabbing.  He confesses to me he's going to stop eating bad food because its making him fat, grabs his emerging ponch, and then says "Praise the Lord!"   Do I look like a priest?  Lol😜❤️

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Love you all!  ♥

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