Sunday, September 11, 2016

Dire Strait's Sultan's of Swing played by Luna Lee on a Korean Gayageum

More details on Luna Lee at:

GAIA PORTAL: Pathways are cleared for the full Apocalypse

I really dislike the word "Apocalypse", yes I know it means "revelation" in Greek, but the word carries with it a connotation of so much Christian catastrophe beliefs... and the storylines surrounding that. Apocalypse would not be my first choice of words.  I've thought for a few weeks this Irish group has connections to the Argarthan complex, and now I am pretty sure of it.   I did do some healing work on one of Thor's Earth incarnated children last week, and was surprised to have "rainbow" vision when I looked at her energy field.  So I can verify that part.  

Awakenings come strongly in the clairvoyant Gaia Energies.

Fortunates are enabled that all may be viewed clearly.

Heaven-sent visions come to the hu-being.

Rainbow visions come to the Hue-Being.

Pathways are cleared for the full Apocalypse.

A memory exploration of a Antares Moon base with Loie

This came through on 9/1/16 just before I came down with the fever.  -Terran

[9/1/16, 7:05:54 PM] Terran: Loie can we do some exploring?

Loie: Bill. I am here.  Breathe deeply.  Feel the flow into and through your heart.  Loie.

Terran: Loie Reni was triggered by the Pleiadian memories she remembers what I described!

Loie: Yes, Bill and so many more as well.  Feel the changes flowing?  Everything changes. Loie.

Terran: The energies are very strong today!

Loie: Bill. Increasing is in the works, now, too. Loie.

Terran: I feel you Loie!

Loie: Into your heart we go, love.

Terran: I'm seeing a kind of cross between a plane and a rocket

Terran: Sort of like the space shuttle but sleaker and shiny silver

Terran: It went into a portal and looks like it's heading for a sun/star

Terran: The sun opens up and inside is like a node of a network of portals looks like tinker toys

Terran: The ship (me inside?) comes out somewhere else in black space I see stars

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