Saturday, August 20, 2016

Gaia Portal: Merrimacs enter, where calcifieds have failed

Merrimacs enter, where calcifieds have failed
August 20, 2016

Merrimacs enter, where calcifieds have failed.

Steadfastness of the Higher Light dissolve all blocks.

Mortifications are annulled.

Uplevellings are embraced.

Necessities are only of the Light.

Energy Healing of Pets

I've been undergoing some healing work with the SA Medical Officer Raeno who is working with and through Beverly, my host here in Texas.   I've noticed some shrinkage in my umbilical hernia. The hernia is a complex issue that may take some time as it has to heal in stages and move. I've got some data to post on that soon, I kind of put it off, as the thought of posting a photo of my hernia is, well somewhat embarrassing.  But I don't know how to prove it unless I do a before and after photo, and we're not yet at the after point.  I

Many people are familiar with Reiki and this is similar in some ways, but uses the pure love frequency of The All.  But what many people might not realize is this work can also be done on pets.

My friend Shawn has been working on Max, the little Tibetan Spaniel here at the house in Texas in the same manner.  We've noticed a remarkable improvement in him.  Beverly took in Max as a rescue animal after he had been abused as a puppy by his previous owner.  Max has issues, mostly fear of clanking noises and a tendency to think he might be beaten at any moment.  We think he might have been kept in a cage and had things banged on the cage to scare him.  He's not a big dog, Beverly loves this little guy very much. But we've been at a loss as to what to do about Max.  If Max were a human you might say he has a touch of passive aggressiveness, which expresses itself in sometimes odd ways.  He really didn't know what to make of me when I arrived but since I am the one that walks him he's become a fast friend.

Shawn did some remote energy sessions with Max, and we've noticed a real improvement in his demeanor, increased appetite and attention and less "doggy accidents".  Shawn has also recently joined the healing group working on my hernia.

Shawn wants to do more of this kind of energy work and I thought I'd mention her to my audience for any of you looking for help with your animal.

For more information see her web site at:, I've posted a portion of that web site here below.  Shawn's rates are posted at the web site and the pet does not need to be at Shawn's location for her to work on it.

Do you have an animal who is ill or stressed in any way? Does your animal experience anxiety, bark excessively or destroy things around the home? 
Perhaps your animal is a rescue and exhibits negative behaviors from living in a shelter or from their previous home. Does your animal show signs of trauma from an injury or accident? Have you tried everything and don't know what else to do or where to turn?
I can help you.  
Energy medicine is an amazingly gentle and effective way to ease and often eliminate the underlying imbalance that may cause these complications. It is also a very useful adjunct to Western veterinary care such as medication, surgery, and physical therapy. 
My interest in energetic healing began in the late 90's while I attended massage therapy school. We studied various healing modalities and I found myself naturally drawn to Reiki. A few years into my massage career I studied and became certified in Laser Reiki and Cosmic Energetic Healing through Level 4. 
I've continued to research and study throughout the years, combining different methods, and I'm now offering a unique and comprehensive style of intentional energy medicine. 
Sometimes an imbalance or issue can be cleared with one session. In my experience, most issues tend to be noticeably improved within three sessions. More serious behavioral issues may take more.   
Sessions run between 25-30 minutes and are offered via distance which provides the additional benefit of not having to transport your animal anywhere. I provide a complimentary 10-15 minute phone consultation before our first session to answer any questions you may have, as well as, to gather the details of the issues to be addressed. 
After each session, I will send an email message providing the notes of the session with any additional information that may be necessary. 
If you've purchased a package of sessions and discover your animal is greatly improved in just one or two sessions, I can easily refund the remainder of the package price. Or you may decide to use the remainder of the package for another animal in your home or even for yourself. 
The same techniques are equally amazing for people.  The great part about energetic healing is that it can do no harm and there are no negative side effects. It is also very affordable compared to traditional Western medical care. 
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