Wednesday, June 8, 2016


By American Kabuki

I dreamed of this image last night.  Its the Flower of Life, but also a rising hot air balloon.  As I built this in Photoshop, I realized it also looks a lot like a light bulb, which is a 20th Century symbol for an idea.

What does it mean?  I think it means we are being carried to the New/Complete Earth.  That's my take on it at least.  Nobody gets left behind.  How that happens I do not know.

Update 6/6/16 4:07PM CDT

Bev was driving back to the house, got a message intuitively to stop at a store she seldom goes to pick up something.  This is what she brought back.... she had not seen this blog post.... hmmmmm....

Also while she was out, I heard a woman shout my name.  I thought it was Bev, but it was not her as she was out. I don't know who it was.   It was very brief.

Updated 6/8/16 1:31 PM CDT

Received this from an old friend from one of the Skype rooms this morning. -AK

[6/7/16, 11:18:28 PM] R: Hi sweetness. Just saw your blog about the Fed Rsrve. [Federal Reserve] hmmmm... the Medici Family also placed many popes on the throne at the Vatican. AND wasn't it an Italian that started the first Bank of America? No coinky dink.


I TOO HAD A DREAM I WAS IN  A HOT AIR BALLOON two nights ago! I was carried over fields of gold. I saw water and realised it might be a rice paddy. When I landed into a golden patch I saw bamboo all around. A Voice was telling me I ..."landed in the right place at the right time doing the right thing to be there." 

Symbology galore- wealth, the BIG Picture. My desires are fulfilled.

WHY a HOT AIR BALLOON? - but where did I go to get there? Somewhere over the Rainbow (rainbow)

A collective dream

Are we in OZ or  Kansas? Where is toto? (dog)

[6/7/16, 11:21:56 PM] R: (thanks)

[6/7/16, 11:24:20 PM] R: too cool

[6/7/16, 11:28:32 PM] R: Ed is helping me move back up to WA. Now all of us in this tight group have been there or will be. Old stomping grounds I do not wish to visit - put those to bed eons ago like a Tom Clancy novel. Long story I can tell you someday over a glass of wine and a fine meal we both cook for each other. (pi) (beer) .

[6/7/16, 11:31:10 PM] R: How about those Medici's eh? Reaching out from beyond the grave -- or maybe they are still alive...hmmmm

[6/8/16, 9:37:05 AM] Terran: Can I repost your dream anonymously?

[6/8/16, 12:25:45 PM] R: sure, it all fits and in synchronicity.

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